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Assessment in schools: Fit for purpose?

The 32-page report, “Assessment in schools: Fit for purpose? A commentary by the Teaching and Learning Research Programme,” recently published in England, is accessible on-line at

The report, authored by members of the Assessment Reform Group, is a strong challenge to the over-use and mis-use of large-scale standardized tests. The report outlines three widely-held ‘misunderstandings’ about assessment:

* That test scores can be completely accurate (with claims that 30% of English students were placed on wrong levels in the Year 2000 national curriculum tests)

* That short tests can validly capture multi-faceted areas such as writing

Time to Act: An Agenda for Advancing Adolescent Literacy for College and Career Success

An interesting report from the Carnegie Corporation.  Time to Act is the capstone report of Carnegie Council for Advancing Adolescent Literacy.

The full report, along with five corresponding reports, is available at:

Autumn ’09 issue of Avatar is out

The new issue of Avatar is now out and linked on our Branch website.  New databases, a new lab and new reference sources. Check it out at:

Welcome to the Education Library Blog

Welcome to the Education Library Blog on the  UBC Blogs website.  This post is just a notice that we are “getting going on our blog” for the Branch  and will be posting announcements of events, documents of interest and other information related to our Branch in the near future.  Hopefully it will look a lot more interesting in the very near future.