Do video games teach kids ‘new literacy’?

 When you check in with your kid, who is now into hour three of his Halo marathon, you repeat that well-worn phrase your mother used on you about killing brain cells and trading in the controller (well, it was a joystick back in your day) for a book. A new article on PBS’s Mediashift web portal presents a different argument: our definition of literacy is outdated. Kids may be learning a “new literacy” through playing video games.

One response to “Do video games teach kids ‘new literacy’?”

  1. Chuck V

    As Aran Levasseur stated, the content of video games are too offensive.I have 2 kids, I believe my wife and I have raised well, and I am not happy that their knowledge about weapons are quite well.(thanks to half life,GTA) I am not expecting them to play with legos like we did, but kids must be encouraged to play games like Mario, etc.