2 responses to “Facts about the teachers’ contract dispute”

  1. Mark Morrison

    UBC, I am disappointed in you. If Bill 22
    is passed, there will be no more limits as to
    how many students and special needs students
    can be placed in any class from Grades 4 – 12.
    I gather a class of 50 students, 15 of whom have
    special needs is okay with you, and not worth
    fighting to prevent. Teachers are NOT striking
    over wage increases, we are striking because
    Bill 22 strips not only the rights of students,
    but of us as employees. This corrupt government is
    attempting to rewrite the Charter of Rights, by
    eliminating ours. Due process for hiring and firing
    would be gone. Qualifications and seniority would be
    eliminated; no B.Ed nor even any schooling required;
    administrators would be given full power to hire
    and fire whomever they want on any flimsy basis.
    That’s the stark reality of this situation. The
    government focuses on money because they know
    that they can exaggerate teachers’ requests and
    turn the public against teachers. Stripping the
    contract is the real issue, though. It is a flagrant
    and outright attack on teacher’s Charter rights.

    1. Jennifer O.

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