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Increased demand for education in India prompts proposed change

Foreign universities would be able to open campuses in India under a policy being considered by lawmakers. Supporters say the bill will open badly needed spaces for students interested in higher education. Roughly half of the 1.2 billion people who live in India are 25 or younger. The New York Times


Canadian officials work to recruit more Chinese students

Canadian officials are working to recruit more Chinese students to the country’s high schools, colleges and universities. As of 2008, there were about 42,000 Chinese students studying in Canada, and officials believe those numbers grew about 20% last year. However, some say that the US and Australia are ahead of Canada in terms of education and student visa policies, and they lead in the recruitment of Chinese students.

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (16 Mar.)


Draft of common national standards for English and Math – USA

A draft of common national standards for English and math was released today by the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers. The proposal includes specific benchmarks that students should achieve at each grade level. For example, by the end of eighth grade, students should be able to “informally explain why the square root of 2 is irrational.” The effort — endorsed by 48 states — is being praised for its attempt to bring an “ambitious and coherent” curriculum nationwide, while others are critical of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.


Subject Resources for UBC Reading Week Community Service Projects

Subject Resources for UBC Reading Week Community Service Projects . Many of these listings  feature an Olympic theme
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Declining birth rate puts schools at risk for closure

Schools in Canada to lose 500,000 students in next decade.¬† An education advocacy group says Ontario’s declining birth rate has put more than 300 schools at risk for closure. Canada is expected to see enrollment decline by about 500,000 students over the next decade. “All across Canada, people are in the same uncharted territories. Everybody’s looking at school closings, everybody’s trying to figure out what to do,” said the executive director of People for Education, the group that compiled the data. The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (10 Nov.)

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