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The Atlas of Canada – educational attainment

CENSUS MAPS The Atlas of Canada, produced by Natural Resources Canada, in partnership with Statistics Canada, presents a series of maps and accompanying analysis of national and regional data results from the 2006 Census. The third and last release focuses on educational attainment, location of study, the Aboriginal population, income, as well as age and marital status by gender. The maps are now available on the Atlas of Canada website

Previous releases covered topics such as the Canadian population, age, marital status, immigration, visible minorities, mode of transportation, language, the labour force, and housing and shelter costs.

Solution looking for a problem? Teaching students to sleep.

Scottish schools offering lessons in sleeping

A charity organization is offering sleeping lessons in schools in Scotland — saying bad behaviour among the country’s teenagers could be due to sleep deprivation. Sleep Scotland says teaching students how to sleep can help improve academic achievement. The classes teach students that they should be sleeping for more than nine hours each night and that a nighttime routine is important.

BBC (15 Mar.)


Increased demand for education in India prompts proposed change

Foreign universities would be able to open campuses in India under a policy being considered by lawmakers. Supporters say the bill will open badly needed spaces for students interested in higher education. Roughly half of the 1.2 billion people who live in India are 25 or younger. The New York Times


Canadian officials work to recruit more Chinese students

Canadian officials are working to recruit more Chinese students to the country’s high schools, colleges and universities. As of 2008, there were about 42,000 Chinese students studying in Canada, and officials believe those numbers grew about 20% last year. However, some say that the US and Australia are ahead of Canada in terms of education and student visa policies, and they lead in the recruitment of Chinese students.

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (16 Mar.)