Visit the Tower Garden: Winner of the UBC Library Innovation Grant

The Education Library is excited to announce that its Tower Garden will be showcased throughout April and May!

Back in December 2018, the Education Library received a generous donation of a Tower Garden from the UBC Faculty of Education’s Teacher Education Office. Following this, in 2019, a group of dedicated staff members at our branch applied for a grant to secure the necessary supplies and seeds for our Tower Garden project – and we succeeded!

The Education Library Tower Garden is on display during April and May.

The Tower Garden, developed by Juice Plus+ in 2011, is a revolutionary vertical aeroponic growing system tailored for small-space gardening. This innovative system enables plant growth without soil, relying solely on water and nutrients, making it an excellent choice for educational institutions like schools and libraries.

Comprising a tower-like structure with multiple levels of planting containers stacked on top of each other, the Tower Garden nurtures plants in containers filled with a growing medium such as coconut coir or rockwool. Nutrient-rich water is pumped from the base of the tower to the top, providing essential nutrients as it cascades down through the plants.

What’s remarkable about the Tower Garden is its user-friendly design and versatility. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it accommodates a wide range of plants, from vegetables to herbs and fruits. This makes it an ideal solution for individuals with limited gardening space or those desiring a controlled environment for plant cultivation.

Moreover, the Tower Garden champions environmental sustainability. With its minimal water consumption and absence of pesticides or herbicides, it offers a greener alternative to traditional farming methods, while still yielding fresh and nutritious produce.

Although we’ve primarily kept the Tower Garden in our staff area as we familiarized ourselves with the nuances of vertical aeroponic growing, we’re thrilled to announce that it will be on public display for a few months each year, allowing everyone to marvel at its wonders and benefits.

Drop by and borrow some gardening books, stop by our Seed Lending Library, or just come by and have a look at the Tower and be inspired for the coming growing season!