Makerspace Kit Bookings

A selection of makerspace kits are available to be booked in advance so that students may plan to use them during their practicum visits. Students may reserve makerspace kits by following the instructions below. Note that there are 2 identical microbit kits for loan. Booking will be available again Dec 2019.

Borrowing policy

  • Kits may be booked on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Each kit requires its own individual request
  • Booking is restricted to students in the Faculty of Education
  • The loan period is 7 days
  • Kits may not be recalled or renewed
  • Kits are not considered returned unless all listed components are present
  • Late fines are $5 per day, per kit

Be conscientious of your peers and return kits on time!  And remember to bring in your UBC card when coming to pick up the kit.

How to reserve

  1. Browse the makerspace kits on the UBC Library catalogue.
  2. Check the calendar below to determine the availability of the kit.
  3. To reserve a kit, complete the Media Booking form (form will be back online Dec 2019)
  4. Select “Education Library Makerspace Kit” from the Format menu.
  5. Use the Patron Notes field in the booking form to let us know how long you would like to borrow the kit (max 7 days).
  6. Please make sure to include the exact call number of the kit you would like to borrow.