Room 155 Booking

Room 155 is ideal for small group presentations and workshops. It has a projector and screen. There are four tables with three seats at each table. Additional chairs are available. The room can be rearranged into rows of seating.

Book Here:

  • A group of 8 or more people is required to make a booking.
  • The room can be booked for 2 hours at a time.
  • There can be a maximum of 1 booking per week per group, with exceptions made for Education Library programs.
  • The schedule opens up for booking on a weekly basis.
  • Users will be required to state how the room will be used at the time of booking.
  • We ask that any furniture moved be returned to its original place at the conclusion of each booking.
  • In order to maximize accessibility to this space, Room 155 is not bookable as individual or small group study space or regular classroom space. We ask that small groups make use of the Group Study spaces available elsewhere in the Education Library.
  • Please note that library employees may need to enter the room even when it is booked in order to access library materials that are shelved in Room 155. We will aim to do so with minimal interruption.


  • The┬áLibrary┬áreserves the right to delete bookings that are found to be in violation of the use policies.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, it will be void and others may use or book the space.
  • Please ensure you leave the room by the end of your timeslot to allow the next occupant time to clean the room if they wish to do so.